The Big Make: Video Workshops to Inspire Creativity

These video workshops have been commissioned by MAKE to inspire creativity in children and young people. They encourage activity that is non-screen based, with opportunities to create from items that can be found around the home. The workshops can be used by teachers, parents, or individually by children and young people. The age guidelines are indications for users, but people of all ages may like to try any of the videos.

Please share your creative outcomes with us on Instagram @makemiltonkeynes and Facebook @makemiltonkeynes using the hashtag #TheBigMake

1.A Beginners Guide to Acrylic Painting with Rachel Baker: 13-18 years

2. Move and Perform as a Superhero with Hannah Pickett: 5-7 years

3. Creating a Comedy Character with Holly Meechan: 9-13 years

4. How To Do Anything… With Poetry with Dan Simpson: 13-18 years

5. A Bee-ginner’s Guide to Mosaic Making with Sarah Harper: 4-11 years

Templates to download and print: Butterfly Bee

6. Design Your Own Paper Dolls with Aminah Samandoulougou: 5-10 years

Templates to download and print: Paper Doll Fancy Costumes Tops Bottoms Make Your Own Outlines Shoes and Accessories Various

7. A Blast Masterclass in Puppetry with Aaron Spendlow: 8-12 years

8. Make a Natural Plant Painting with Robin Souter: 5-10 years

9. An Introduction to Percussion with Rachel Inwood: 7-13 years

10. Positive Mindful Drumming with Adey Peterkin: 7-13 years

11. A Sensory Jungle Adventure with Jade Cook: Made for those with SEND

12. Transform a Sheet into Play Projects with Sophie Bennett: 4-10 years younger people may need help from adults

13. Express Yourself With Freewriting with Free Fall Write: 13-18 years

14. Create a Bunch of Paper Flowers with Sophie Cero: 7-11 years or younger with help from adults

15. Explore and Draw with Sun Sculptures with Tool Toy Projects: 9-18 years

WARM DOWN EXERCISES AFTER DRAMA AND DANCE ACTIVITY with Jade Cook: Made for those with SEND, but suitable for everyone under 12

Videos produced by Broaden – Bryony Simcox & George Webster :

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