AHA-MK Guides and Toolkits

We collate the key messages from our training and workshops and publish them in downloadable guides.

The AHA Guide to Governance

The AHA Guide to Digital Engagement

The AHA Guide to Working with Volunteers

The AHA Guide to Working with the Media

MK Audiences – supporting audience development

Our Arts Council funded audience development project supporting 6 MK cultural organisations has now been completed.  You can read the project report below.

MK Audiences Report

Great War MK – From Conflict to Cosmopolis

The Great War MK project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund with support from MK Community Foundation and MK Council.  The project brought together a great number of people in commemoration of the First World War.  The final report and blog link can be found below.

Great War MK blog

Great War MK Evaluation Report

Resource Pack created for Great War MK:

AHA GWMK Resource pack introduction

GWMK Deposit form Appendix 1A / GWMK Record Card Appendix 1B / GWMK Filming and Photography Advice Appendix 1C / GWMK Personal Release Appendix 1D

GWMK Child Protection Policy Appendix 2A

GWMK Risk Assesment Template Appendix 3A

AHA GWMK Volunteer Time Sheet Appendix 4A

AHA GWMK Marketing Guidelines Appendix 5A

AHA GWMK Event sign in Sheet Appendix 6A

Catalyst Learning Resources

Key resources from the MK Catalyst project have been collated and are accessible here.  Resources include information on: fundraising, sponsorship, crowd-funding, membership and loyalty schemes, social media, branding and marketing strategies and much more.

AHA-MK Documents

AHA-MK CIO Constitution Final

AHA-MK Business Plan 2015-18 FINAL

AHA-MK Business Plan 2015-18 Appendices Final

AHA-MK Annual Report 2014 Final

Other Documents

Additional useful documents can be found below.

Summer Of Culture Economic Impact Evaluation

Arts Council England Toolkit for Working with MPs

Useful Links

Arts Council England – policy and funding

Heritage Lottery Fund – policy and funding

MK Community Foundation – local funding opportunities

Arts Gateway MK – for events, activities and opportunities in Milton Keynes