AHA-MK aims to develop collaboration within the sectors and with non-arts and heritage partners.  We believe that collaboration and cross-fertilisation create exciting and unexpected results and can support our members in their quest to build audiences for culture in Milton Keynes.  We therefore work to support collaborative projects that seek to raise the profile of our members and the arts and heritage sectors of Milton Keynes, through discussion and debate, lobbying, promotion, fundraising and project management.

Discovering MK 

In support of MK50, AHA-MK has developed and launched an interactive trail launched in 2017.  The app encourages residents and visitors to get out and explore Milton Keynes, discovering the places and spaces that make this city unique.

Inspired by the Pokémon Go craze, the Discovering MK app reveals an interactive trail of 50 hidden gems around the city.  At each location along the trail, you can unlock information about the landmark, challenge yourself, your family and friends to a fun mini quiz and upload a ‘selfie’ to show you are there.  With a range of competitions and prize draws through the year, we hope you join in and share your selfies on social media.

Developed by AHA-MK and MK21, the free app, available via Google Play and Apple Store, commemorates Milton Keynes 50th Anniversary and celebrates this unique and diverse city.

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Great War MK – From Conflict to Cosmopolis (2014 – 2016)

Between 2012-2014 AHA-MK led a WW1 centenary project, which brought together 13 partners, 200 artists and audiences of nearly 10,000 called Great War MK. Great War MK embraced the diversity of Milton Keynes’ population, asking individuals to look back to what their families were experiencing 100 years ago. Partners used heritage and arts activities and skills to interpret these stories and memories to produce exhibitions and performances that are took place across the Borough of Milton Keynes. This project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund with seed funding from Milton Keynes Council and Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

For the Fallen Great War MK

Below is our final film, Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts!

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