Placemaking: What does this mean for children?

This film documents a six month project, commissioned by MAKE (then Milton Keynes Cultural Education Partnership), to explore place-making and its meaning to children and young people in Milton Keynes. It was the collaboration of over 300 primary school children, 13 teachers and 5 cultural organisations underpinned by principles of democratic learning.

From decisions over materials and their use, to ideas about current social issues, children’s views and opinions informed the approaches throughout. Creative processes enabled them to affect the places and spaces that were important to them. The project was accompanied by a programme of CPD facilitated by 5x5x5=creativity.

Space to Re:Place | 1-30 June 2018

The project culminated in Space to Re:Place, an exhibition hosted in MK Gallery’s Project Space. The exhibition celebrated children’s curiosity, creativity and their extraordinary explorations of the places and spaces around them. It presented photographs, objects and films which told the stories of what is possible when adults trust in children’s ideas and enable them to become protagonists of their own learning.

This project was supported with investment from Artswork, the South East Bridge and MK Community Foundation.