MAKE: the branding project

This project was designed to involve children and young people in the development of a new brand identity for MAKE (then Milton Keynes Cultural Education Partnership). It engaged 5 Milton Keynes schools in a series of one-day workshops led by designer Michael Evans. 

Workshops used the newly opened MK Gallery as a case study to explore brand development and how wider themes and social history might influence the design decision-making process. Programmed as part of Children’s Art Week, participants explored past and present design within the town, making reference to the recent rebranding journey of MK Gallery.  Engaging with the site, and connecting with the town’s visual history, the workshops teased out what influences the design of a brand in order to inspire ideas for the ‘live’ branding brief.

All 127 participating children and young people achieved Arts Award Discover, an introductory arts qualification accredited by Trinity College London.

MAKE a Splash | 2-31 August 2019

The project culminated, Make a Splash, an exhibition hosted in MK Gallery’s Project Space which showcased the ‘works in progress’.  Following visits to all 5 participating schools to share, and consult on, draft design concepts, participating children and young people shortlisted 3 logo designs for display.  The exhibition gathered wider responses from MK’s youth population, the general public and local arts sector with visitors invited to view the project journey alongside contributing their own MAKE strapline and voting for their favourite logo.

This project was supported with investment from Artswork, the South East Bridge.