Mandy Legg Appointed as Chair of Arts and Heritage Alliance MK

Mandy Legg

Arts and Heritage Alliance MK (AHA-MK) are pleased to announce the appointment of Mandy Legg as its new Chair. Mandy will start her role in mid June for AHA-MK. With an extensive background in Children’s Services and Arts & Culture, Mandy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role.

Mandy has just completed a year of being the Mayoress of Milton Keynes where she has shone a light on the amazing work being done by the community groups, charities, business sector and charities in our city. She is also passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental illness and shares her own story to inspire others with what is possible.

In her capacity as Chair, Mandy will lead AHA-MK in its mission to champion the rich heritage and the creative future of Milton Keynes. With her visionary leadership, AHA-MK will continue to work on behalf of the Arts & Heritage organisations to position the cultural sector as a strategic contributor to the community and economy of Milton Keynes.