Call out for Voluntary MAKE Chair Role to Support the Partnership

MAKE (MK Cultural Education Partnership)

Role Description of Voluntary Chair to support the MAKE partnership


Do you care about the creativity and wellbeing of children and young people? Do you think creativity should be part of the school curriculum and that children and young people should have access to great arts and cultural opportunities?

We are looking for a new volunteer to chair the committed partnership MAKE, the Milton Keynes Cultural Education Partnership (CEP). You will be supported by the MAKE Manager, the Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes, and Artswork, the Bridge Organisation contracted by Arts Council England to promote cultural education in the South East. We work in partnership to deliver the MAKE Vision to:

enhance the lives of children and young people in Milton Keynes through outstanding and inclusive cultural education and creative enrichment.

This aligns with the Milton Keynes Council MK2050 Strategy, approved January 2021:

Chapter 8  Healthy and Creative Places

We aim to provide better creative and cultural education in schools so that we build the creative thinking and skills that will help our future workers adapt to new challenges. As automation in the workplaces increases, creativity will become even more important in future job roles.


The charity Arts and Heritage Alliance(AHA-MK) is lead partner for the CEP contracted by Artswork.  AHA-MK signs contracts for MAKE grants/investment, has final accountability for finances, delivery and outcomes, and reports as appropriate to funders and to the Charity Commission in its Annual report.

Day to day development and delivery of MAKE strategies, accountability and evaluation are delegated to the MAKE Chair, MAKE Manager and MAKE Executive to Group (two of the AHA-MK trustees sit on the Exec).  The MAKE Manager is also the Programme and Partnerships Manager for AHA-MK and while the Chair of AHA-MK is the formal line manager for this post, the MAKE Chair is the specialist support for the MAKE Manager.

The MAKE Manager reports on MAKE formally at each of the four AHA-MK Board meetings a year, and the MAKE Chair is invited to attend at least one AHA-MK board meeting a year. This gives AHA-MK a strategic overview of progress, successes and challenges.  

We are seeking:

  • A good understanding of the needs of children and young people, the education sector and the role arts plays in children and young people’s development, skills and wellbeing.
  • A committed advocate for the voice and rights of children and young people, and for the transformative impact of cultural experience and education on their lives.
  • A strategic and creative thinker and an inspiring leader who will work with the part- time MAKE Manager to harness the potential of the partnership and drive forward the MAKE strategy.
  • An influencer and relationship builder to develop networks to raise the profile and opportunities for MAKE and inspire Headteachers and teachers in primary and secondary schools, leaders in FE and HE, and senior leaders and policy makers in education more widely.
  • An enabler of partnership: you will be connecting schools, MK College, universities,  the arts and heritage organisations, the Milton Keynes Music Hub, Milton Keynes Council and stakeholders around the common purpose of enhancing the lives and futures of children and young people.

Responsibilities of the MAKE  Chair are to:

  • work with the MAKE Manager to enrich the lives of children and young people, and to:
  • deliver and monitor the MAKE vision, mission and strategy, its action plan and outcomes
  • seek opportunities for sustainable funding
  • chair the MAKE Steering Group and the MAKE Partnership Board, which both meet 4 times a year. Meetings include setting the agenda with the MAKE Manager, agreeing any papers to be circulated, approving the  action notes/minutes and monitoring agreed actions.
  • act as an ambassador for MAKE, representing it with stakeholders when required.
  • Meet with the AHA-MK trustees once a year as part of a shared commitment to the development and impact of MAKE; agree the quarterly reports prepared by the MAKE Manager for the quarterly AHA-MK Board meetings.

Time Commitment Per Annum:

  • 4 exec meetings
  • 4 Partnership meetings
  • Interim contact with MAKE programme manager

If you are interested please send your CV to, with a short statement of your interest in this role, with reference to the role description above, your career, skills and connections, and how you think you can contribute to our further success. Our Recruitment Committee will shortlist and interview candidates. If you have any questions, please email AHA-MK Chair Francesca Skelton on The deadline for applications is 21 June 2021.

Our current strategy can be found at:

MAKE embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

MAKE is supported by Artswork (the South East Bridge Organisation for CEPs) and Milton Keynes Council