Artists Commissions with Diverse Communities – Call Out

Does your community have a way of doing things, a question, or an issue which you would like to celebrate and explore creatively?

We have funding that could help you!

The Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes has been awarded some funding by the Milton Keynes Community Foundation to work with six diverse communities in Milton Keynes. The aim is for you as communities to tell a story about yourselves, that starts with a question you have or an issue you would like to explore. We will help you to work with an artist (this could be a writer, a theatre director, a dancer, a film-maker, a musician, a painter – anybody who can work with people to help you produce your ideas creatively) who comes from a similar background as your community.

Your project can be anything that means something to you. For example, you could be a group of Caribbean nurses working with a playwright to document your story of moving to England and contributing to the NHS; a group of people with a disability working to create a performance about the experience of attending football matches; or a group of women exploring the issue of the gender pay-gap.

As this work is part of a city-wide cultural inclusion and diversity project, the work created by each community will be the starting point to build new relationships between your community and different arts and/or heritage organisations.

COST: There is no financial cost to the communities. The Arts and Heritage Alliance will pay for the artist and any materials needed. It will also promote and market your creative outcome.

TIME COMMITMENT: This will depend on the format of the creative process and what you require from the artist. A number of meetings will need to be held with the Arts and Heritage Alliance throughout the process, but not everyone who is involved in the creative process needs to be at these meetings.

WHO: We would like to hear from ethnically diverse communities, different faith groups, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. We would like the groups to be made up of a variety of ages, young to old. We hope for a lot of interest, and we may have to have a selection process.

WHEN: Communities will work with artists over a number of days between June 2021 and June 2022, with creative results showcased between January 2022 and June 2022.

CONTACT: or 07552609885 for an informal chat or more information.