Cultural Traineeships for Young People from Diverse Backgrounds

Cultural Traineeships for Young People from Diverse Backgrounds

Funded by Milton Keynes Council, AHA-MK is working with six arts and heritage partners (MK Gallery, Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, Bletchley Park, InterAction MK and The Parks Trust) to deliver a number of cultural traineeships. All training will be delivered by Milton Keynes College, and the trainees will have 70+ hours work experience in one of the above cultural organisations.


Trainees will get a chance to gain skills in event management and digital marketing. With the City Discovery Centre (it is offering 3 traineeships) you could also see what it is like to be an Archive Assistant or a Landscaping Assistant.


The programme aims to make the local arts and heritage sector more inclusive to young people from all sorts of backgrounds. We hope that anybody who likes the sound of the traineeships programme will apply, and not think that they will not be good enough, or that because they haven’t had experience of arts and heritage that it is not for them. Everybody is welcome to apply, those of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, those with disabilities, anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+, and anyone whose family could not afford for them to take part in arts and heritage activity. You might be one or all of these things, or maybe what makes you different from everyone is something else. Whoever you are, we welcome your application and interest.


To apply for the traineeships programme please visit the Milton Keynes College application page here


To see the job descriptions for each cultural traineeship, please follow the links below:

Bletchley Park Digital Marketing Traineeship

InterAction MK Events Assistant Traineeship

Milton Keynes Arts Centre Marketing and Events Traineeship

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre 3 x Traineeships: (Events and Admin; Archive Assistant; Landscaping Assistant)

MK Gallery Digital Marketing Traineeship

The Parks Trust Events Assistant Traineeship