MK Cultural Education Partnership

The Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes (AHA-MK) has set up the Milton Keynes Cultural Education Partnership (MKCEP) with support from Artswork and in response to Arts Council England’s Cultural Education Challenge. This asks arts and cultural organisations, educational institutions and local authorities to come together to:

  • Drive a locally joined-up arts and cultural offer
  • Share resources
  • Create a more consistent, coherent and visible delivery of cultural education to offer high quality arts and cultural education to all children and young people (CYP).

MKCEP has developed a collaborative Cultural Education Strategy and to ensure all Milton Keynes’ CYP (0-19 & 0-25 for those with special needs) have the opportunity to create, participate in and influence culture. The aim is for such activity to positively impact on their well-being and support their creative, personal and educational development. The Cultural Education Strategy has three key priorities:

  1. Happier and Healthier Young People
  2. Exploring, Discovering and Enabling Creativity
  3. Careers, Skills and Opportunities

You can download the full Cultural Education Strategy and appendices below:

MKCEP Cultural Education Strategy Final, MKCEP Cultural Education Strategy Appendix 1MKCEP Cultural Education Strategy Appendix 2

We encourage members of the MKCEP to share the Strategy and messages of the MKCEP, this Communication Guide has been developed to support you in advocating for the MKCEP and communicating our work:

MKCEP Communication Guide Final

Schools Connect Call Out

MK Cultural Education Partnership (MKCEP) seeks ten Milton Keynes primary schools to participate in a creative and cultural training programme for teachers which focuses on mental health and wellbeing in the classroom.

Building on the impact of the MKCEP arts and mental health project, You, Me, Together (Jan 18), we are working with Artis to deliver a CPD programme for teachers. Artis has been working for 13 years in schools across the country, to help boost achievement, improve speaking & listening skills, and build confidence and self-esteem in young people. The Artis approach is about integrating high-quality performing arts – music, drama and dance – into the classroom. Their highly trained arts educators, known as Artis Specialists, work in schools across the country.  Artis is an arts education company helping 50,000 children a week by integrating the arts throughout their learning.

Artis will work with twenty teachers from ten schools and ten arts organisations/practitioners to address health and wellbeing through creative projects.

We are applying to the Artswork Schools Connect programme for the funding for this project.  They require formal sign up from the ten schools to be submitted as part of the bid.  We will be informed if we have been successful in November, and if funded, we expect the delivery in schools to begin in the Spring 2019 term.

Full information, eligibility and details of how to apply can be found here: School Connect Call Out

Cultural Learning, Opportunities & Schools

This film was made by Two Mile Ash School in celebration of our 50th birthday and shows some of the great things that you can see and do around Milton Keynes.

If you are a School looking for artists or cultural organisations to work with, please do take a look at the Culture Challenge MK website. The Culture Challenge MK helps schools and other youth-focused organisations connect with local creative and cultural practitioners to increase the cultural engagement of the young people of Milton Keynes. Offered in partnership with Arts Gateway MK and Milton Keynes Council, The Culture Challenge MK provides a directory, map, and a wealth of downloadable resources to help schools work with the creative and cultural sector here in Milton Keynes, including Culture Vouchers. If you would like to find out more visit the website and use the contact form to sign up for regular updates.

MK Schools Investment Programme

MK Gallery have secured funds from the Artswork Schools Investment Programme for the MKCEP to strengthen its relationship with schools.  £20,000 has been awarded to further develop sustainable partnerships between networks of schools and arts and cultural organisations. This investment will enable the MKCEP will engage 10 Milton Keynes schools and 5 local cultural organisations in an Action Research project addressing ‘Place-Making – What does this mean for children and young people?’.  Project development will take place between Sept 17 – Jan 18, project delivery between Jan – July 18.  Continued Professional Development will be embedded throughout for both teachers and sector organisations delivered by 5x5x5=creativity.

Pilot Cultural Commissioning Projects

MK Cultural Education Partnership (MKCEP) secured Partnership Investment Funding from Artswork, the South East bridge, to deliver a set of pilot projects in Milton Keynes. These include work with the MK Council Youth Faculty, the MK CCG, MK COuncil Public Health department, Arts for Health MK, MK SNAP and a network of schools. Working with the CCG and MK Council Public Health, AHA-MK is supporting delivery of a creative and cultural project exploring young people’s views on mental health. This pilot project forms part of the Children and Young Peoples Mental Health and Wellbeing Transformation Programme.  Four school groups will work with an artist and filmmaker, who will engage them through arts and creativity around the concept of mental health and wellbeing.  The aim of this project is to gain a better understanding of how children and young people in Milton Keynes see mental health, and the language they use to express themselves in reference to mental health and wellbeing.  A final film that shares the outputs of the creative sessions, will aid understanding of young people’s views of mental health.  The film will be used to facilitate conversations about mental health and wellbeing. We have commissioned Artis to deliver the creative workshops for this project.  Artis has been working for 13 years in schools across the country, to help boost achievement, improve speaking & listening skills, and build confidence and self-esteem in young people.

This project is being delivered in collaboration by Arts & Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and MK Council Public Health on behalf of the MKCEP.  It is supported by partnership investment from Artswork, MK Council and the CCG.

Our MK Cultural Education Partnership is supported by: Artswork-logo-1024x394grant_png_black